Big Teaze Toys VerSpanken Wavy Textured Male Masturbator Purple

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Fun and friendly, the Verspanken has captured the world’s attention thanks to its completely new approach to male masturbation.

Unlike any other male sex toy on the market, the Verspanken is a revolution in sleeve technology, offering two cushioned pads that clasp the penis giving the user a sensation that’s close to the real thing, but for many men is even better.

Thanks to its unique shape, with the Verspanken users are able to enhance pleasure by utilising the Verspanken’s clasp design, varying the pressure of its wavy foam inserts during use to prolong pleasure and intensify climax.

This original design also offers exceptional versatility; the Verspanken can be used in many different ways and is great for solo play as well as being couple-friendly.

Featuring interchangeable pads, the Verspanken offers a world first in terms of masturbator longevity, meaning you don’t have to stick with the smooth pads offered with this product. Mix and match your Verspanken pads or discover the Water Wiener insert which adds an element of hot or cold play depending on your preference.

The Verspanken is safe to use with water-based lubricants, it is easy to clean and offers a fun shape that is less likely as easily identifiable as a vaginal, anal or mouth shaped sleeve.


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