Big Teaze VerSpanken WaterWieners Attachment Bumpy Green

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Featuring a unique bumpy texture, the Big Teaze VerSpanken WaterWieners Bumpy (Green) is a great accessory for the VerSpanken system.

Because the Verspanken uses two interchangeable cushions – users can mix inserts —with the option of one smooth piece and one bumpy—or use both of the bumpy inserts for an enhanced sexual experience.

Since the VerSpanken system offers a variety of textures the choices are virtually endless; mix and match the inserts, use them hot or stick in the refrigerator for a cold experience.

The VerSpanken system itself is easy to use; it is open ended for easy clean up, and the design allows for a plethora of different stroke techniques such as swivelling, curling, and rocking.

This bumpy VerSpanken insert offers a lot of variety. It can be used by itself as a masturbator or heated or cooled for extra pleasure.

The WaterWiener Bumpy is made of 100% recyclable materials and is free of latex, lead and other heavy materials, and phthalates.

To clean, simply use warm water and a mild antibacterial soap and let dry thoroughly.


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