Clean Stream 10” Enema Nozzle

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While standard enemas achieve their aim of rinsing and cleaning the rectum with the user’s choice of water or other liquid, most of them simply don’t reach up as far as many people desire.

Now, from one of the leaders in enema and intimate hygiene equipment, comes a solution to this situation. The Clean Stream 10” nozzle has the length and flexibility to reach far up into the colon – though it might be a good idea to gradually work up to inserting the full 10 inches. At around ¾ of an inch wide the insertion of the nozzle can also be a very pleasing experience in itself.

Once the nozzle is inserted to the desired extent water can be introduced either via any Clear Stream bag systems or their Metal Shower System. The latter provides an altogether more high pressure experience but some may prefer the more gentle bag system method instead.

The nozzle is made from high grade silicone which has a number of very distinct advantages. Its smooth surface ensures it glides in easily and its supple flexibility enables it to follow the natural internal contours of the user. It is also very easy to clean after it has been used.


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