Clean Stream Enema Tip Kit

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Many people rely on enemas both as important ways to maintain personal hygiene and to act as an important stage in the preparation for any kind of anal play. However, it doesn’t simply have to be a practical operation.

Here is a great way to make having an enema an even more enjoyable experience, and to ring the changes to suit the user’s mood. This five-piece tip kit is fully compatible with most Clean Stream enemas and offers all the choice and variety most users will ever need.

The kit consists of a Wide Tip which is 2.5″ long and 1″ at widest point, a Thin Tip which is 2.5 ” long and 0.5″ at widest point, a Long Tip which is 3” long and 0.75” at its widest point and a Stem with Bulb which is 5.25″ long and 0.75″ at its widest point. There is also a male-to-male adaptor that can be used to widen the number of enema connectors which can be used with the set.

All of the tips are made from ABS plastic which is hardwearing and easy to keep clean. The set also comes in smart and practical travel case with a dedicated space to keep each of the tips.


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