Clean Stream Inflatable Enema Plug

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The Clean Stream Inflatable Enema Plug is the perfect way to transform an enema session a very enjoyable experience in itself, whether or not it is also incorporated into foreplay.

The Enema Plug is an ingenious idea which is very simple to use, and which has some very pleasurable results indeed. It uses the pressure of the water that is pumped into the rectal cavity to stimulate the whole rectal and genital area as well as preparing the user for all kinds of anal play.

The way that the anal plug is used is simple. The smooth silicone plug slides easily into place and can be gently inflated using the hand bulb. A precision release valve means that the pressure can be exactly controlled. When the desired level of inflation is achieved the plug’s base sits tight against the anus to create a water tight seal.

Then water or other liquid can be introduced to the rectum, either by using one of the Clean Stream bag enema systems or their In-Line Accelerator Pump. This creates a very satisfying felling of being filled completely. Then, when the time comes to end the session, the pressure valve is released deflating the plug and releasing the fluid.


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