Clean Stream One-Time Enema Applicator Disposable Douche

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The Clean Stream One-Time Enema Applicator is a simple, easy-to-use enema applicator used for colon cleansing. This applicator is perfectly designed for use by either men or women, at home or on the go.

Being a single-use product, there is no messy clean up or storage of multiple pieces required.

The Clean Stream One-Time Enema Applicator is perfect for travel situations when there is no time for cleaning different devices, and not enough room to pack them. Use this one-time applicator when on business trips, camping, or stock up for the home when a quick need for cleansing presents itself. Simply grab and go, cleanse and throw it away after.

To use the One-Time Enema Applicator, simply fill the bulb with the cleansing solution of choice, insert the applicator into the rectum, squeeze the compressible bulb base to inject the solution where it will collect deep in the colon, then remove the nozzle to allow the toxins to flow out, resulting in a fresh feeling in minutes.

To fill the applicator, unscrew the nozzle, pour in liquid of choice and replace nozzle. Do not attempt to clean and reuse applicator, as it is designed for one time use only.

This applicator measures 6.5” long and 7” in circumference and is made of ABS plastic that is safe for insertion into the body.


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