Clean Stream Quick & Easy Cleansing Kit Black Douche and Butt Plug

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The Clean Stream Quick & Easy Cleansing Kit is ideal when looking to perform a colon cleanse for the first time.

The Clean Stream Quick & Easy Cleansing Kit includes a black bulb with a long hose for anal insertion, as well as a butt plug to maintain the fullness sensation of an enema.

Both pieces, made of silicone, are safe, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-use. With a less intimidating feel, the user can keep a cleaner colon in the comfort of his or her own home without the embarrassment of having someone else involved.

The silicone enema bulb holds up to 300ml of liquid and has a flexible, comfortable 13cm in length by 2cm in width nozzle. The anal plug is made from solid body-safe silicone and measures 7cm in insertable length and is 3.3cm at its widest point. It features a curved hook which makes for easy removal after completing the enema.

To use the Clean Stream Quick & Easy Cleansing Kit, simply fill the bulb with cleansing solution, insert the hose into the anus and squirt the contents into the colon. Then, quickly insert the anal plug to maintain the pleasurable feeling of fullness and to prevent the solution from prematurely leaking before the entire cleansing process is complete.

After desired amount of time has passed, remove the plug using the finger loop hook and allow for the evacuation of toxins for a complete colon flush.


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