Clean Stream Silicone Anal Catheter

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The Clean Stream Silicone Anal Catheter is proof that using an anal enema can be so much more than just a way to ensure internal hygiene and freshness before enjoying a session of anal play. This handy and easy-to-use device can turn it into a very pleasurable experience in itself.

The kit consists of a long, silicone anal catheter connected by a tube to a pair of balloon bulbs which each have pressure-release valves attached.

The smooth silicone of the catheter means that it can easily be inserted into the rectal cavity via the anus along with one of the bulbs.
When this has been done both balloons are inflated and create a tight seal – along with a very pleasing sensation of internal “fullness”.

At this point, the user’s choice of water or other liquid can be introduced to the rectum, either by using one of the Clean Stream bag enema systems or their In-Line Accelerator Pump. The tight seal created by the anus against the catheter ensures that the liquid is contained securely and has a very stimulating and exciting effect.

In total, the device is 22″ long with an end bulb of approximately 3.75″ long. The balloon bulbs are around 2″ long and 9.5″ at their widest circumference.


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