Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit Large Capacity Enema Kit

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A great, no-frills colonic kit, the Water Bottle Douche Kit has everything you need to get started in at-home enemas and is ideal for those unsure as to whether they want to invest in a premium kit.

Simple in design and offering two choices of nozzle, the Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit gives users everything they need to experience their first at-home enema, including two choices of nozzle – one of which measures 5.5cm by 0.7cm for comfort, the other measuring 13cm by 1.2cm for a deeper clean.

Colonic enemas are believed to flush out bacteria and toxins that collect and reside in the colonic tract, improving rectal health and cleanliness. Users simply introduce a large volume of liquid to their colon, which is then expelled, flushing away unwanted debris and bacteria.

As a bonus, both men and women often report that the rush of water at the beginning and end of an enema can cause deeply satisfying sexual stimulation.

To use, users simply fill the bag with their preferred liquid (usually lukewarm water), then attach the hose. Once the bag is set up, the nozzle can be introduced into the anus whilst the bag is held in a raised position – this will allow gravity to create enough pressure to squirt water into the colon.

The Water Bottle Douche Kit makes colonic cleansing easy by using a large capacity bag with a 1.5litre capacity, a 5’ long hose, both of which are made from rubber, and a choice of easy-insert ABS plastic nozzles to ensure you have maximum control over the liquid.


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