Master Series Deluxe Black Enema Set

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Increase confidence and cleanliness with the Master Series Deluxe Black Enema Set home enema kit. With its large capacity black bag, hose and set of tips, you’d be hard pressed to find a better home enema kit on the market.

Designed to offer a deep clean, the Master Series Deluxe Black Enema Set comes with a 1 gallon bag ensuring that one fill is all it takes for a truly satisfying clean that leaves the user feeling fresh and ready for anything.

With a choice of four nozzle tips to choose from, at-home enemas have never been so much fun. Select from a modest slim nozzle tip for beginners or a thicker, longer nozzle tip for the more advanced user who wants to stretch their anus, in this kit there is a nozzle tip for everyone.

Enemas have been popular for many years and offer a range of benefits including a cleaner colonic tract and improved sexual confidence; they are great as a refreshing way to start your day and ideal before and after sexual intercourse for those who want to be as clean as they possibly can be.

To use, simply fill the bag with water, attach a nozzle to the hose and let gravity feed the water through the hose and into the anus. Once filled, the body will naturally evacuate the liquid flushing with it a range of bacteria, toxins and debris. This can be performed once or several times if needed.

Designed for men and women, the Master Series Deluxe Black Enema Set can be used for anal and vaginal douching making this product exceptionally versatile and capable of a range of health benefits.

The Master Series Deluxe Black Enema Set is made from high quality body-safe silicone for durability and comfort.


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