Renegade Plug II Silicone Textured Butt Plug

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The ultimate in textured butt plugs, the Renegade Plug II offers four sizes of ridge to enjoy, ranging from its small ball-shaped tip to a much wider opening.

Whilst most butt plugs are just for stretching, the Renegade Plug II stretches as well as offers extra sensation when inserting and removing – almost like a larger anal bead.

This means that aside from the pleasurable sensations users gain from stretching their anus and inner canal, they can also enjoy the feeling of ridges when inserted or removed – giving the Renegade Plug II an extra dimension and an almost dildo-like quality.

Once fully immersed, the walls of the anal canal tighten around the Renegade Plug II giving a continual feeling of pressure completely unlike smooth and rounded butt plugs.

The Renegade Plug II is 11cm in insertable length, 8cm of which makes up the bulb. This plug features four ridges which get sequentially larger inside, starting at 1cm in width and moving up to 1.8cm, 3.3cm and finally 4.2cm.

Waterproof and phthalate free, the Renegade Plug II has a widened base so that you can slip it in with comfort and it also offers users improved security thanks to a metallic pull-ring hidden in the base which allows for easy removal.