Renegade Plug III Ridged Butt Plug Small

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The ideal introductory anal plug, the Renegade Plug III is slender and short and is made from smooth silicone material for a comfortable insertion.

Perfect for those who want to try anal play for the very first time, the Renegade Plug III is small and slender so that it slightly stretches the anus and keeps it open for a prolonged period. Thanks to its wide base, the plug stays in place and can be removed quickly and easily.

Predominantly designed for male pleasure, the Renegade Plug III features a smooth pointed tip which can be used to target the prostate – the male g-spot – adding a new kind of sensation and improving a man’s orgasm either during masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Unlike most anal plugs, the Renegade Plug III is made from silicone rather than plastic, which makes it a more comfortable option. The design features three raised bands around the top of the plug, which offer extra stimulation during insertion and removal.

The Renegade Plug III measures 8.5cm in length, 5.5cm of which makes up its bulb, and is 2.8cm in width. It is made from soft feel silicone and is compatible with water based lubes. An additional ring pull is located at the base of the product for rapid removal.