Renegade Plug IV Ridged Butt Plug Medium

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The Renegade Plug IV is a mid-sized anal plug, designed for beginners and intermediate users of butt plugs.

Wider and longer than its predecessor, the Renegade Plug III, the Renegade Plug IV measures 10.5cm in length, with a 7.5cm bulb, and is 3.8cm in width. It features a pointed curved tip and slender ridged design which feels comfortable during insertion and increases sensation especially during insertion and removal of the device.

Predominantly designed for male pleasure, the Renegade Plug IV features a smooth pointed tip which when inserted can be used to target the prostate – the male g-spot – adding a new kind of sensation that can be enjoyed during sex and masturbation and could greatly enhance a man’s orgasm.

In addition to this, the continual stretching of the anus offers men and women a lot of pleasure and can help to train the anus for penetration so that anal intercourse is not painful.

Unlike most anal plugs, the Renegade Plug IV is made from silicone rather than plastic, which makes The Renegade Plug IV a more comfortable option over the many other butt plugs on the market. This ensures the user does not feel irritated during insertion and can wear the plug for longer.

Because the Renegade Plug IV has been designed with safety in mind, this device features a wide base to prevent the plug from slipping too deep. It also has its own ring-pull enabling the user to quickly remove the plug.