Size Matters Anal Dilators

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Many people are curious about anal sex and anal play but are held back by apprehension about whether they will be able to accept object inserted anally. The Size Matters range of anal dilators provide a very simple and practical way to build up anal flexibility, whether for anal sex or for the use of vibrators or dildos.

This five-piece set starts at 1 inch in diameter and builds up in ¼ inch increments to the largest dilator with a 2 inch diameter. Most users start with the smallest size, inserting it for longer and longer periods and gradually move up the scale, either until they can easily accommodate the largest size or until they have reached the level of dilation that they require.

All of the dilators are made from smooth, black plastic and have a hole at their tip to avoid any internal build up of pressure which could otherwise cause unwanted discomfort while in use.

All of the dilators are tapered at the head and their long shafts and flared bases mean they can be left in place for long periods of time. They can also all be used with a lubricant of choice to further ease insertion.